The BMS Survival Mindset

The BMS Survival Mindset
by Jeff Tindall

Each course at BushMaster Survival is designed to teach every student the BMS survival mindset, to size up their situation and develop a plan of action to face the situation head on. Each course whether it’s a basic course or an advanced course each student will learn, practice and hone their skills. Students don’t need to have any prior camping or survival skills to attend a BushMaster survival course.

So what is the mindset? Your mind can be your most valuable asset in a survival situation or your mind can become your weakest asset and possibly change the dynamics of your situation from a survival situation to a life and death situation very quickly.

Your mind and knowledge is your most valuable survival tool in your survival kit. Keeping control and staying focused on the situation at hand is your number one priority. You must always maintain full control of yourself your emotions and the situation. Always maintain a 360-degree situational awareness of your environment, always being on alert for any dangers and threats. What are the threats or dangers in your environment? Wild animals, poisonous snakes, poisonous insects, dead trees, water, shelter, hyperthermia, hypothermia and so on.

The first step to creating a survival mindset is you must maintain the will to live not only in your mind but also in your heart. Don’t wait for the over whelming feeling to come sweeping in and take control of your mind. By this I mean consistently think good happy thoughts of your loved ones, maybe a special day you had with your spouse or one of your children. The thought could be about anything relative and heartfelt to you, this will be you digging deep into what drives you to live and be your constant reminder to keep pushing on to get you home.

You must always fend off fear. Fear can lead you down the wrong path in your situation and lead you to the gates of hell. I will quote FDR in his first Inaugural Address (“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” end quote). And he is absolutely correct even more so in a survival situation. If you allow fear to overcome your mind you are well on your way to a dire situation. Fear can bring on many overwhelming feelings, the feeling of being out of control of the situation, hopelessness or giving up the will to live, complacent or settling for less and going without, procrastinate and waist valuable time, unnecessary hunger, internal and mental destruction leading to self-destruction and finally death.

Assess the situation and take charge of your fears, don’t allow your fears to control you or the situation at hand and face them head on, don’t meet them half way, but conquer them from the start. Some people have basic fears of snakes, spiders, scorpions and even some wild animals. Don’t look at them as a direct threat but take charge of them, look at them as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Evaluate the threat determine a safe a way to eliminate the threat and kill it in its tracks, then cook it up.

Being complacent with your situation or becoming bored can do just as much damage to you as fear. Don’t sit around and waist time, even when you need to sit down and take a break in the shade from the heat or sit by the fire to get warm, don’t let your mind wander off. Plan your time and use your time wisely, this is basically time management in a survival situation. Use these rest times for making tools, weapons, components for a trap or snare, preparing the next meal, making char clothe for your next fire act. Always working and focusing on improving your situation.

If you simply need to kick back and take a breath, look at the clouds our stars as you did as a kid, looking for shapes and designs in the sky, this maybe a good time to evaluate the weather conditions. You’re only limited by your imagination and your control of the situation. But always maintain control of the situation.

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